Things to consider looking for a good soft roof cleaning company

There are things every consumer should know about the roof cleaning industry. Some of these facts and practices will save a home from structural integrity problems as well as fiscal demotions. Hiring a soft roof wash contractor should not be a hard decision, but it should not be one to make frivolously. A soft roof clean professional should be able to provide three references upon request. These customers should seem satisfied as well as honest. Some contractors might say they have thousands of satisfied customers, but unfortunately if they do not have the paper work to back it up, it is probably better to move on. Is roof cleaning their main focus or just an add on to one of many services that they offer. How long have they been in the roof cleaning business

 Soft roof wash contractors should never use high pressure water jets for any amount of time. High pressure washers can damage the shingles as well as the base structure beneath the shingles. The point of soft roof wash is to not leave the roof in worse condition than when it started. Also part of keeping the consumer safe, a soft roof wash contractor should have proper insurance, in particular “roof cleaning insurance & workers comp”. This insures the client will not be liable for injuries or damage to the roof.  Staying astute with soft roof clean professionals is the best way to protect against liability claims. The liability is greater for roof cleaning and therefore not covered with lower level cleaning insurance plans. Most insurance companies require additional levels of insurance. The insurance will be a big part of the professional image of a soft roof wash contractor. In addition, the quality of business cards or flyers will tell the customer more about the business. A business that cares about their image will care about the image of the customer’s home.

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