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 No need to replace it just let us clean those ugly black stains off your roof !

A Fuller Service is your number one choice for Soft Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing in the Clifton Park when experience matters. I’m proud to be the first one to bring this innovative method of roof washing to the Capital District. We are a locally owned and operated business. I will never try to hard sell you when you request a quote. I look forward to educating you on  what is growing on your roof, the damage it causes and the best method to clean it.

A Fuller Service prides itself on using the most up to date technology and methods the industry has to offer.  We uses only the best low pressure and no pressure methods to clean your home or business in Clifton Park. When it comes to cleaning your roof or siding there is no reason to use high pressure. We use only the highest quality, environmentally-friendly soaps and moldicide to not only clean, but kill what is growing on your home. If you were to use only use water and high pressure this problem would only return in a month or so.

A Fuller Service is a proud member of the BBB and will always hold it’s self to the highest standards. My staff and I will always give you the highest quality service at a fair price.

We are fully insured with workers compensation. Your first question when hiring any contractor should be “do you have Workers Compensation”? Many home owners do not realize that a liability policy only covers property damage and NOT personal injury. A Workers Compensation policy covers personal injury. If someone was to get hurt on your property and the contractor didn’t have Workers Compensation you are responsible for that person.



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Did you Know?

Clifton Park NY was a portion of the Town of Halfmoon until they were separated in 1928.  The Town occupies approximately 47 square miles in the mid-southern portion of Saratoga County NY.  It is bordered on the south side and a portion of the west side by the Mohawk River.  The other portion of the west side is bordered by Ballston.  The north side is bordered by Ballston and Malta, and the East side is bordered by Halfmoon.

The population of Clifton Park showed modest growth until 1960.  It was then that the population doubled in size to 4,512.  By 1970 the population had grown to 14,867 and the 1990 Census records it as approximately 32,000 making it the most populous town in Saratoga County.

By the 1820’s two taverns had been built along the Waterford-Saratoga Turnpike.  They were built by James Jones and Ephraim Stevens to provide food, drink & lodging for travellers along that route.  Jonesville and Steven’s Corners were the result of these two entrepenuers.  By 1860 Steven’s Corners was known as Clifton Park Village.  Unfortunately, the Jonesville Hotel burned down around 1914.  Steven’s Hotel survives to this day, but it is now known as the Clifton Park Hotel.  The border between Clifton Park and Halfmoon actually runs through the center of the Clifton Park Hotel.

In addition to it’s regular duties, the Clifton Park Hotel has also served as a venue for community activities.  These have included such things as dances, musicals, travelling theater groups, and even a skating rink at the end of the 19th century.  Additionally, the Clifton Park Hotel has served as a place for town meetings, a courthouse and a jail.  As a matter of fact, the Town of Clifton Park’s first supervisor was actually Ephraim Stevens.  The eventual construction of the courthouse alleviated the need for some of these duties.  Clifton Common, located off Vischer Ferry Road is the current center of community activities and has also become one of the area’s favorite sites for recreational activities.

1976 was an exciting year for the residents of the Town of Clifton Park due to the opening of the Clifton Country Mall shopping center.  In addition to the mall’s later expansion, two other shopping centers opened adjacent to it on Route 146 and Clifton Country Rd. in the 1980’s.  Additionally, the Shenendehowa Public Library also relocated to the area.