Are You Concerned About Your Dirty Roof in Albany Schenectady Saratoga & Troy?

┬áHere’s What You Should Look For To See IfYou Need a Roof Cleaning Soon

It never hurts to be proactive when it comes to cleaning your roof, but if you area little too proactive, as a home owner you can actually end up sending some valuable dollars down the drain by cleaning your roof too often. Though cleaning your roof is an important task tostay on top of, it is also a task that some owners take a little too seriouslyand then end up taking more time and spending more than they need to. By checking out these things on your home, you’ll be able to know when you can let your roof sit and when you need to schedule your need soft roofing clean.

Check Your Gutter Downspouts First

One of the most common places for molds, algaes, and lichens to accumulate isaround the downspouts of your roof – especially if you have a multitiered roof that shoots water from one gutter system to another. Though many of these roof scan look absolutely clean, you will be able to tell if you need a soft roof washing by noticing a change of coloration on your shingles. Many times dark shingles will become darker, and if you have a lighter colored roof, then you may find that there is a severe discoloration in certain areas. If you have green algae or molds around the downspouts, of course, this is also a clear indicator that it is time to clean your roof as well.

The reason why all these roof destroyers tend to accumulate around the downspoutsis because that is where the highest accumulation of water occurs and will stay once the weather turns nice and warm. When spores hit a wet area that has thewarmth to make it germinate, you’ll find that nasty stuff will grow like gangbusters on your roof.

Is There Buildup Starting on Your Siding?

Sometimes the algae, lichens, and mold can exactly match the coloration of your roof. When that happens, it can be extremely difficult to detect an infestation that could very well end up putting a premature end to your roof. In these cases,you can sometimes tell that you do have growths going on by inspecting yoursiding, your fascia, and other parts that consist of the walled portions ofyour home. Just as with a roof, these roof destroyers will make themselvesevident through a very apparent discoloration of the surface materials on your siding or fascia, and when you see this, it is a very good indication that youcould use a soft roof cleaning to get your roof back into tip top shape.

Cleaning your roof is one of those household chores that can be a little bit of a painto do, but by doing it only when you need to instead of being overly proactive about it, you can keep that pain at a little instead of having it be a lot ofpain. By looking for these tell tale signs, you’ll be able to know when you need to clean your roof, and if you haven’t seen any of these signs all year, it is still a good idea to have a soft roof cleaning done at least once, either inSpring or in Fall so that you can be prepared for the upcoming tough weatherseasons in your area. A strong roof equals a strong home, so keep your home and check book strong with properly timed cleanings!


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